Rocket HomesSM Eligibility

Becoming eligible to receive referrals from Rocket HomesSM is based on a variety of factors. At this point in the membership process you will be a part of our waitlist until we have an opening in your market. If there is an opening, the Broker of your agency will need to agree to join our network by signing our Broker Participation Agreement. Once signed, your agency will be able to receive referrals when a Rocket Mortgage pre-approved client is looking to purchase or sell a home in your service area.
In the meantime, you will be granted access to our online client management tool, Client Central. From here, you will be able to start referring your clients to get pre-approved by Rocket Mortgage through Client Central’s QL Connect form.

Terms and Conditions

To remain eligible to receive Rocket HomesSM referrals, active network agents must adhere to our Terms and Conditions.
  • Provide amazing client service when helping our clients throughout the home buying process.
  • Use Client Central to receive referrals, sign agreements and communicate with us regularly to provide updates on the client.
  • Have a Broker Participation Agreement signed by the participating Broker on file before receiving referrals.
  • Protect and preserve the relationship between Rocket Mortgage and the pre-approved buyer.
  • Pay a referral fee only on transactions that you receive from Rocket HomesSM and that close. There is never a referral fee for the clients you refer to Rocket Mortgage.